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Elder Law Attorney Barry D. Siegel watched a family member suffer because she was unaware of the resources available for Long-Term Care Planning. Today, he strives to ensure each of his clients is financially prepared for the road ahead.

What Is An Elder Law Attorney?

Elder Law Attorneys focus on helping aging seniors or disabled adults with a variety of legal issues that people face as they age. These matters include planning for long-term medical costs, qualifying for Medicaid, protecting assets and drafting legal documents like a living will.


An Elder Law Attorney can help:


  • adults plan for their future as they age before a crisis occurs
  • families care for and protect vulnerable elders
  • family caregivers understand the options for their elderly loved one


Elder Law Attorneys handle the unique issues that older adults face in planning to age with dignity. Attorneys practicing Elder Care Law understand how to legally protect complicated and high net worth estates from rising nursing home costs. They can also help seniors qualify for benefits that contribute to paying for assisted living facilities. Not every attorney has experience in Elder Care Law and the unique legal issues that people face as they age Read more about What An Elder Law Attorney Does here.

Our Elder Law Services

Protect Your Finances From Long Term Medical Costs

The costs of long-term care today are astronomical. One recent study found that, on average, one year in a nursing home costs more than $100,000. Even after years of disciplined saving, nursing home bills or in-home care costs can quickly diminish the assets you worked so hard to build up. There may be a better option.

In fact, through the use of appropriate Trusts and other Estate Planning strategies, you may be able to keep your nest egg while still qualifying for important government assistance, such as Medicaid and Veterans’ Benefits. At The Siegel Law Group, P.A., we help people navigate through this complicated area of Elder Care law to protect their assets.

Have a Say Over What Happens to Your Estate

There are certain legal strategies that can help families protect their hard-earned estate. Your attorney should be knowledgeable across all planning disciplines to create a robust asset protection plan that’s specific to your situation.

Elder Law attorney Barry D. Siegel watched a family member suffer because she was unaware of the tools available for Long-Term Care Planning. Today, he strives to ensure each of his clients is financially prepared for the road ahead. Call us by clicking below and schedule a free consultation.

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We’ll Help You Qualify For Medicaid Benefits

A major part of long-term care planning is qualifying for government benefits. Even if you live modestly, however, qualifying can be difficult because the sum of your assets must fall at or below a certain — often very low — threshold.


Failing to plan for long-term care causes many people to spend down their assets until they meet the requirements for government benefits. However, through advanced planning under the guidance of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to reorganize your assets in a way that helps you meet the criteria to qualify for benefits. Lawyer Barry D. Siegel has over 20 years of experience helping people with:

Medicaid Planning: Having too many assets now does not prohibit you from qualifying for Medicaid in the future. We can help you avoid the spend-down method through comprehensive planning. With a growing number of adults in Florida turning 65 years of age it’s more important than ever to plan for long-term medical costs. Medicaid was introduced as a “need-based” program administered by each state. It helps pay the cost of long-term medical care if a senior meets a strict eligibility requirement.


Since nursing home costs are rising faster than seniors’ ability to pay out of pocket, Medicaid Planning helps seniors pay for long-term medical care – without spending down their life savings and selling all of their assets. To meet the income cap for a Medicaid application an Estate Planning Attorney will place a senior’s assets inside a Qualified Income Trust to hold the excess assets that would disqualify a senior from receiving Medicaid benefits.


There are currently 3 different Medicaid long-term care programs Florida seniors may be eligible for:


  1. Institutional / Nursing Home Medicaid
  2. Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
  3. Medicaid for Aged and Disabled (MEDS-AD)


Veterans’ Benefits can help, a veteran, and their spouse, or their surviving spouse obtain financial assistance for expensive long-term care costs, including the cost of in-home medical care or an assisted living facility. Many veterans of the U.S. military are eligible for Long-Term Care Benefits but do not know it. We know the laws and can help you meet the necessary requirements to obtain the financial assistance you deserve.


If you have served in the armed forces, you may qualify for a Veteran benefit called Aid and Attendance, even if you didn’t retire directly from the military or suffer injuries in the line of duty. Yet, initial application denials are common and understanding the requirements can be challenging.


At The Siegel Law Group, P.A., we educate Boca Raton and South Florida residents on benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and employ effective strategies to ensure qualification while preserving eligibility for Medicaid benefits down the road.

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