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Safeguarding Your Loved One’s Financial Future: Understanding Mental Capacity and Protecting Against Poor Decisions

As they age, many people maintain their full faculties and can continue to make decisions for themselves without question. For others, that does not happen. As people age, their mental capacity and ability to navigate big decisions about finances and business transactions can become limited, and that puts their future and their estate at risk. How a Florida Power of Attorney Can Protect Your Senior Loved One

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Protecting Your Loved One’s Assets From Nursing Home Costs in Florida

Protecting Your Loved One’s Assets From Nursing Home Costs

Siegel Law Group founder, Elder Law Attorney Barry Siegel, wrote a guide for the sandwich generation: those who are raising children while caring for elderly parents. Caught in The Middle: Juggling Your Elderly Parents’ Affairs While Raising Your Own Family is a resource for those who have elderly parents and loved ones they are helping take care of while raising their own children. Many individuals who are caught in the middle are looking for solutions when a nursing home is necessary to provide medical care and to give them Peace Of Mind.

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