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Back to School: College Starter Plan For Your 18 Year Old

Back to School: College Starter Plan For Your 18 Year Old in Florida | Call (561) 955-8515

The end of summer is approaching very quickly. This means that schools and colleges are starting back, and our students will be in classrooms and on campuses before we know it. Did you know that once your child turns 18, you are not legally allowed to make medical and financial decisions for your young adult child in an emergency?

NOW is a great time to start thinking about your young adult child’s medical and financial needs in case of an emergency, which is all included in the legal documents in our College Starter Plan. If your child is 18 or older, even if your adult child is not planning to attend college until next spring or fall, now is the time to begin discussing how to protect your adult child, and find out about our College Starter Plan 5 and how it legally protects your child in an emergency.

What Is Our College Starter Plan?

The Siegel Law Group offers a College Starter Plan 5 legal protection plan for your current or upcoming college student. Accidents, illness and other unforeseen circumstances can happen to anyone:

  • What if your child is injured or becomes ill? Who can authorize medical help?
  • If your child takes a semester abroad or travels internationally, who has access to their financial records?
  • Who is protecting your child’s private medical information?

We can help. This is your opportunity to ensure that your child has everything legally squared away for their college years. With this plan, you, your young adult and our attorneys will discuss what should happen if an emergency or accident happens and they can’t speak for themselves.

Our College Starter Plan 5 offers a flat-fee price for the legal documents you need to protect your adult child.

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What Does The College Starter Plan Include?

Our young adult child’s College Starter Plan has 5 very important legal documents that every parent should ensure their 18 year old has signed before leaving for college. Don’t make assumptions that your young adult is protected, or attempt to DIY these important legal documents yourself: our trusted attorneys provide expert guidance and protection for your Peace Of Mind. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys will explain why these legal documents are important, what protections they provide and make any needed customizations based on you and your child’s unique circumstances.

The College Starter Plan 5

  • Health Care Surrogate:
    A health care surrogate form states who your adult child will designate as their health care surrogate. This individual will make all medical decisions for them in case they are ever in any type of accident and cannot make their own decisions regarding their health care. Sometimes, people decide beforehand and let their healthcare surrogate know what they want regarding their healthcare during an emergency. However, if the health care surrogate does not know your adult child’s wishes, they will decide based on their best interests. Anyone can be selected as a healthcare surrogate if they are 18.
  • Power of Attorney:
    A power of attorney document designates a trusted individual to make certain decisions whenever your adult child cannot. For example, if your child becomes incapacitated, they will no longer be able to function normally. This means they may be unable to speak, communicate, stay awake, etc. When this happens, they need someone to step in and decide for them. Parents, siblings, friends, and spouses can be appointed power of attorney if they are 18 or older.
  • Living Will:
    A living will is a document that elaborates on your adult child’s wishes when it comes to medical treatments. When a doctor or healthcare provider needs to know what types of treatments your child would like to be used to keep them alive or manage their pain, they can refer to their living will for these answers. This document also helps individuals know if their adult child is an organ donor or wants to be resuscitated.
  • Preneed Guardian:
    Another important document that your adult child needs is the Preneed Guardian. This document explains who will take care of your child if they become completely disabled and can no longer take care of themselves. That said, if your child experiences severe mental or physical changes, they will have someone to look after and care for them, as designated in the Preneed Guardian.
  • HIPAA:
    Lastly, a HIPAA document ensures that your child’s medical information will not be given out or shared with any other individual or organization. Any details about a medical treatment your college student undergoes will not be provided to their college, professors or any other person or facility. This information will only be provided to anyone if your child authorizes the hospital, clinic or doctor’s office to disclose their medical records.

Your Peace Of Mind When It Comes To Your Child Is Priceless

No matter how old your young adult is, we understand they will always be considered your child. It does not matter how tall or grown up they are; you will continue to care and worry about them just like when they were young. Explaining about and encouraging your child to complete our College Starter Plan is an important step in becoming an adult, protecting themself and understanding their legal rights and responsibilities. It will not only ensure that they will be protected and taken care of while they are away at college, but it will also give you peace of mind, knowing there is a plan in place if any type of accident arises and you can help your child if needed. All the legal information will be perfectly laid out for doctors, healthcare providers and attorneys regarding your adult child’s healthcare, and financial decisions. Therefore, there should be no mistakes or mishaps made, and you can remain calm and relaxed when your child is away from home.

Ensure Your Child Is Prepared For College
Ask for the College Starter Plan 5

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Call THE South Florida Estate Planning Attorneys – The Siegel Law Group

Life is full of the unexpected. Fortunately, we can help you prepare and protect your college student if the unexpected occurs. Call us today about the College Starter Plan 5.

While no one wants to prepare for the worst, the truth is that the unexpected can happen to anyone at any time. So, if your child is planning and preparing to go off to college soon, it is a perfect time to inquire about our College Starter Plan 5. At The Siegel Law Group, we take the time to sit down with your college student to develop legal protections in case any unexpected accidents or situations emerge while they are away from their families and homes. Our firm’s South Florida Estate Planning Attorneys will guide you and your adult child through the process, ensuring that all questions and concerns are fully addressed. The last thing you want is for your child to leave for college without these important documents that could have made a significant difference in their life or future.

Call our office at (561) 576-6206 for a complimentary consultation, or submit our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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