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At The Siegel Law Group, we know that planning for the future can be intimidating. 

Our goal is to create a plan that safeguards what you’ve built for the future, both familywise and financially.

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Estate Planning Attorney in Boca Raton

Planning for end-of-life can be uncomfortable, even frightening. That may explain why nearly 60% of Americans don’t have a will or trust

A good estate plan conveys your wishes on how your assets should be handled after you’re gone. However, the benefits of an estate plan go far beyond the distribution of your holdings. 

It can also keep your estate out of probate while protecting your children and grandchildren’s inheritance from divorces, lawsuits and creditors. 

Bloodline planning helps keep your hard-earned assets in the family and can protect your loved ones today and in the future.

At the Siegel Law Group, we help families, seniors, and their loved ones establish an estate plan that suits their unique needs.

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What does an Estate Planning Attorney do?

Estate planning all starts with a conversation. 

Our estate planning attorneys have the knowledge and experience required to ensure our you have a solid plan in place should you pass away, become disabled, or need future long term care.


First, we sit down and have a conversation about you, your family, and future goals.


We listen and seek to understand how to make your future goals and dreams a reality.


We develop a solid legal plan to secure your future for yourself and your loved ones.

We have a lot of Estate Planning tools in our toolbox.

Here are a few things we may use when creating your estate plan:

Or, is it better to have a will than a trust?

To answer this and most estate planning questions, you’ll need to understand that the benefit of estate planning is that you can create a whole plan that protects you and your loved ones

At Siegel Law Group, we always educate you first about the laws in Florida and your options

Then once we have a full understanding of your situation, we help you and your loved ones answer those questions. 

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What about Bloodline Planning?

Keeping your wealth and assets within the family is not a given. Without proper legal protections in place, events like divorce, death, lawsuits, creditors and other issues can siphon assets away from your heirs. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in generational wealth management, Florida estate planning attorney Barry D. Siegel knows how to help you keep your hard-earned wealth within your family bloodline.

First, we want to learn about you. Then we use the appropriate legal planning tools that work to meet your goals. If you want to keep your assets in your bloodline, contact us for a free consultation today.

Estate Planning can seem stressful.

Elder Law Attorney | Boca Raton, FL | Call (561) 955-8515

Let’s change that.

Estate planning involves considering what will happen if you or a loved one are no longer able to make decisions.

This could be due to age, illness, accident, or death. It is important to look into the future now, to avoid potential stress and anxiety in the future. 

Our estate planning process involves understanding your current situation, future goals, and working with you to create a solution that will provide long-term peace of mind.

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Elder Law Attorney | Boca Raton, FL | Call (561) 955-8515

Call us at (561) 955-8515 to schedule a free consultation.

At the Siegel Law Group, we help families, seniors, and their loved ones establish an estate plan that suits their unique needs.

Benefits of Estate Planning

There are many advantages to going through the estate planning process while you’re of sound mind and body.

Providing support to your family

An estate plan helps make sure your family is taken care of when you're gone. It can also include naming guardians for any minor children to ensure they're well cared for.

Specifying where your assets go

An estate plan outlines what will happen to your assets when you die. This can help prevent disagreement among family members.

Minimizing estate taxes

Estate planning can help reduce taxes on your estate, which means your beneficiaries will receive more of what you leave behind.

Preparing for disability

If you become unable to care for yourself due to an illness or injury, an estate plan can specify how and where you want to be cared for.

Florida’s premier Estate Planning Law Firm

At The Siegel Law Group, we understand that life is full of unexpected changes. That’s why we offer ongoing support, even after your estate plan has been completed.

If your situation changes, our team will be here to help you update your plan and ensure that it continues to meet your needs. 

We are committed to providing the best possible solutions, now and in the future.

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