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Florida Pet Trust – Download Our Free Guide

Florida Pet Trust: Free Guide To Protect Your Furry Family | Boca Raton, FL

If you do not plan, your pet may be negatively affected once you cannot care for them anymore. Your family may not want or know how to properly care for your animals. Without detailed instructions to help them, your family may not accept the challenge. A pet trust can help avoid changing your pet’s life or routine.

A pet trust is a type of trust that essentially acts as a manual for caring for your pet. In addition to detailed instructions, you can place money aside for your trustee to pay for your pet’s care. These resources alleviate the financial burden of caring for an animal.

Florida’s Pet Laws 

Florida’s Pet Trust Law lets you provide a trust for your animals’ care either during your lifetime or after your death. Similar to a living will, a Florida Pet Trust Attorney ca guide can help you organize and protect your furry family and ensure you have everything filled out correctly and your wishes are legally enforceable.

Protect Your Furry Family

Our pet trust guide covers many pet trust topics including:

  • Who Manages The Pet Trust?
  • What If Your Pet Trust Has More Money Than Your Pet Needs 
  • How To Create A Pet Trust 
  • Which Expenses Can Be Included In A Pet Trust 

Depending on your individual circumstances, there are other questions you can address with our South Florida Pet Trust Attorneys. 

Get your free guide immediately by filling out our form.

By creating a pet trust, you can ensure that your pet family are protected when you are no longer able to care for them. 

Keep The Government and Beaurocracies Out of Your Estate

When you do not have a plan on how to access and manage your digital assets, the government and beaurocracies may decide what happens to your digital property.

Keep the government out of your estate and download our FREE guide to protect your estate and family.

Florida Pet Trust Guide

THE South Florida Pet Trust Attorney Barry Siegel Can Help

Estate Planning gives you Peace Of Mind because you can protect the future of your furry family. However, you must ensure you have the proper documents in place without any room for misinterpretation or errors. Our guide provides vital information to help you protect your pets, but you should also speak with The Siegel Law Group to avoid costly mistakes.

Download our FREE Florida Pet Trust Guide, and then speak to THE South Florida Pet Trust and Estate Planning Attorney Barry Siegel! Call our office at (561) 576-6206 to schedule a complimentary consultation or submit our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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