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Need A Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to Help You Plan for the Future, Protect Your Legacy, Preserve Your Wealth, Ensure Your Wishes Are Fulfilled, and Avoid Future Hassles for You and Your Loved Ones?

We Know We’re Not The Only Estate Planning Lawyers In South Florida, And We Know You May Be Searching For The Right Attorney to Help You. We’re Different. We Have Successfully Handled A LOT Of Estate Plans, Probably Similar To Yours. We Do Not Complicate Plans For Extra Billing, Really Care, And Keep Our Focus on the Best Interests Of You & Your Family. Here at The Siegel Law Group we help protect you AND your bloodline.

Why Choose The Siegel Law Group?

  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – 5 star rating with 200 + reviews on Google, as well as a Superb 5 out of 5 stars on respected legal site AVVO.
  • ​Free Consultation – Your initial consultation with our Estate Planning Consultant is complimentary.
  • ​​Here For You , Years After Your Plan – As attorneys, we keep up to date on Estate Planning Laws so you don’t have to. We revisit your estate plan with you every 3 years to ensure that your plan is up to date for you and the law.
  • ​​We Guide You Through The Process – We offer seminars, webinars, and even an “Owner’s Manual” for your plan. We take the guesswork out of how to maintain YOUR plan.
  • Experienced Estate Attorneys – With 40 years of experience, Attorney Barry Siegel and the team at The Siegel Law Group know firsthand what can happen if you are unprepared for life’s greatest challenges.
  • ​​Highly Responsive – We pride ourselves on fast response times when communicating with our clients. We will never let your questions or concerns go unaddressed.
  • ​Personalized Attention – We understand and respect that everyone’s needs are unique. You are NOT just a file number. We make sure to give you and your case the attention you need.

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Why Do I need an Estate Plan?

People come to us when one or more of these apply to their life. How many can we help you with?

  • Asset protection for you and your beneficiaries from future lawsuits, divorce, remarriage, creditors, etc.
  • ​Don’t have a last will and/or living will
  • ​You want to protect your wealth
  • ​Have young children and want to know what you should have in place while they are still minors and beyond
  • ​You want to name someone to make health care decisions if you can’t
  • ​You want to name someone to make financial decisions if you can’t
  • ​To leave an inheritance to spouse / children / loved ones
  • ​You would like to transfer your business to the next generation
  • ​Pending or recently completed divorce
  • ​Bloodline planning helps keep your assets in the family
  • Having surgery, illness, or adverse or uncertain medical diagnosis
  • ​Caring for an aging parent and want to determine your best options to ensure he/she/they are cared for
  • ​Ensure your assets, accounts, and beneficiary designations are titled properly
  • ​The plan was created many years ago, but you haven’t revisited it.
  • ​Concerned it won’t work the way intended to when you need it to
  • ​You moved to Florida and want to update your estate plan to comply with Florida law
  • ​Have a blended family / 2nd marriage
  • ​Want to support charitable interests
  • ​You and/or your spouse are “getting up there in years”

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Protect Your Family Today

Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us & Their Experience:

“The absolute best law firm. I cant say anything negative,” ” felt very comfortable trusting them and I am very satisfied with how everything went,” ” easily accessible, meticulous, and thorough,” “Everybody I met was so warm, welcoming and helpful,” “They are very helpful and agreed to meet with my children so that they establish a relationship with them,” “We actually went to Mr. Siegel to discuss elder law regarding my mother, and then found ourselves redoing our entire Trust,” “Also provided me a complete kit with caring bag to transport all of my documents. Again Thank You ALL at Siegel Law Group,” “They were efficient, courteous, and professional to my mom’s needs,” “They did a tremendous job keeping us informed, being timely, meeting all of our expectations,” “I feel a huge weight is now off my back. Very grateful for Barry Siegel and his well-organized team,” “They navigate all your needs as if you’re the only customer with your current reasons for being a client, and follows up with us constantly,” “I am more than confident they are doing everything within their power to assist me as a client, and they are extremely responsive (not to mention kind),” “They quickly responded to our questions, collected the information that they needed, and arranged a consultation call,” “I appreciated the time that Mr. Seigel took to explain the best way to achieve the safest way to make sure that I have set up all necessary documents that are necessary to have in place as I age,” “I can’t say enough about their service and attention and would recommend them highly,” “They helped me with an estate plan, trust, and blood line planning about 5 years ago. We get together every 1-2 two years to check in on any major life events and make any necessary updates.”

Wills & Trusts in South Florida

It’s Always Best to be Proactive Rather Than Reactive.

As we age, there are numerous things to consider, not only for ourselves but our families. By planning today, we can ensure things are easier for ourselves and our families in the future. Don’t let everything you’ve worked for just slip away due to a lack of proper planning. Invest the time now to learn your options by speaking with one of our Florida elder law lawyers and making the choices that protect your legacy.

Florida Wills & Trusts Attorney | Boca Raton, FL | Call (561) 955-8515


  • A legal document that specifies how a person’s assets and property should be distributed after their death
  • Must go through probate, then becomes part of the public record
  • Effective upon death and only long enough to make a one-time distribution to your beneficiaries
Florida Living Will Attorney | Boca Raton, FL | Call (561) 955-8515

Florida living will

  • Legal document that states whether someone wants to be on devices to prolong their life, provided they meet any of the three conditions:
    1) Terminal condition
    2) End-stage condition
    3) Persistent vegetative state
  • Removes the burden of deciding your healthcare and end-of-life wishes from our family members

Revocable living

  • A legal agreement in which one person holds onto assets or property for the benefit of another person
  • When properly funded, assets avoid probate
  • Can be used to manage assets for minors should something happen to their guardian
  • Only the beneficiaries know the contents of the Trust
  • Can be revised or revoked anytime during your lifetime

Irrevocable trust

  • Legal agreement in which the trust creator gives ownership of their assets to a trustee who manages those assets for the trust beneficiaries.
  • When properly funded, assets avoid probate
  • Protects assets against creditors, lawsuits, taxes, long-term care costs, or other threats
  • Only the beneficiaries know the contents of the Trust
  • Can not be removed or revoked once funded

As life goes on, things change – and your will and trust likely need to change also.

It’s important to review and update your trust and will periodically, or whenever an important life event occurs, such as a birth, death, marriage or divorce.

Protection for your loved ones, Peace of mind for you

You have worked hard all your life to accumulate personal assets, and our team wants to ensure that you pass on your legacy to you family – at the right time and in the manner you desire – rather than have your hard-earned assets consumed by estate taxes, creditors, predators, and probate expenses. Estate planning is complex, varied, and multi-dimensional, and must be sensitively designed to achieve a variety of objectives, including, but not limited to:
  • Preserving Wealth
  • ​Asset Protection
  • ​Avoiding Probate
  • ​Eliminating or Reducing State Taxes
  • ​Preventing the erosion of retirement distribution accounts to estate and income taxes
  • ​Protecting against the potential costs of long-term care
  • ​Asset management in the event of illness or incapacity

Protect Your Family Today

What To Do Now

We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and get the compensation you or your loved one is entitled to receive. Call our office at (561) 955-8515 with questions and a description of your situation to see if we can assist or to schedule a consultation. Or you may simply fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to our office, and you can expect a reply within one business day and often within hours of the same day. All information you share is confidential.

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