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Love and Legacy: How an Estate Plan Can Protect Your Loved Ones

Love and Legacy

Many people do not realize that creating an Estate Plan is one of the best ways to protect their loved ones while also ensuring that their legacy is left behind. Creating an Estate Plan is one of the top recommended ways to show that you love your spouse, children and grandchildren. While you may know that you love your family with your entire heart and would do anything to give them the world, establishing an Estate Plan that clearly explains how you want your assets and belongings to be distributed to them will leave no questioning behind when you are no longer here.

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Defining Legacy Planning

Legacy planning simply means that you are ensuring that your assets, collectibles and most prized possessions, which may be part of your legacy, are being left behind by your family members and loved ones after you pass away. It ensures that your legacy lives on and gets passed down from generation to generation.

Most people who choose to do legacy planning typically put a lot of thought and planning into their Estate Plan. This is because your goal is to ensure that your wealth and belongings are distributed to your loved ones, who will now carry on your legacy. You will work with an Estate Planning Attorney to ensure all your assets are given to the correct heirs, or you can even decide to give some to your heirs and some to a charity that means a lot to you and your family. Regardless of the type of legacy you choose to leave behind, the ultimate objective of legacy planning is to let your family members and loved ones know that you love and care about them so much that you developed a plan to help them through the days that you are no longer here.

How Can You Express Your Love Through an Estate Plan?

When Estate Planning Lawyers initially mention that an Estate Plan is a great way to show or say “I love you” to your family, many people often look puzzled and confused. Some clients frequently argue that they show their husband or wife that they love them every week by purchasing their favorite flowers, taking the garbage out or even taking an interest in an activity they enjoy. While these are excellent ways to show that you love someone, nothing speaks volumes like an Estate Plan. Therefore, if you decide to take the step to go through this process, you can expect to go over important information and create legal documents that explain what goes to whom and when.

An Estate Plan can ensure that your spouse, child or grandchild is prepared for any sudden or unexpected accidents that may occur to you, leaving you in a coma, mentally and physically impairing you for the rest of your life or instantly killing you. Here are a few essential ways that you can express your love through an Estate Plan:

  • Leaving your heirlooms with sentimental value to your spouse, children, grandchildren or anyone else who means a lot to you
  • Establishing an educational fund for your children or grandchildren
  • Donating to charities your loved one’s support and putting it in their names
  • Creating trusts to provide ongoing support for beneficiaries with special needs

Eight Benefits of Love and Legacy Planning

Individuals who decide to go through the love and legacy planning process are happy to learn that it does not only benefit them but also benefits their family and loved ones tremendously. The following are eight of the benefits mentioned by clients who have gone through the love and legacy Estate Planning process:

  1. Avoiding intestacy laws and minimizing legal complications
  2. Distributing assets according to your wishes, not the court’s
  3. Providing financial security for dependents, especially vulnerable children
  4. Naming guardians for minor children, ensuring their upbringing aligns with your values
  5. Saving you and your family from paying hefty legal and court fees
  6. Ensuring that your final wishes and desires will be taken care of
  7. Getting rid of unnecessary future conflict, arguments and disagreements between your family members and loved ones
  8. Throwing out any uncertainty when it comes to your family members’ futures

Love, Legacy and Peace Of Mind

When you pass away, your family and loved ones will likely mourn your death for several months or years. They will experience intense pain, sadness and overwhelmingness, which may feel unbearable at times. By knowing this, you may be motivated to reduce some of the stress and nervousness that they may feel when thinking about how they will move forward, take care of their belongings and still have a prosperous life without you.

You can set aside time to make a plan with your Estate Planning Lawyer, ensuring that your money, properties, vehicles, collectibles, art pieces, furniture and anything else that you find valuable goes to the correct family members, loved ones and organizations that you cherish and respect.

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It can be extremely challenging to think about your death as well as your family carrying on without you. However, you must face this reality head-on and decide what you want to happen with your assets after your death. There is a good chance that you would like to leave behind a certain legacy for your grandson or granddaughter to recognize you, or you might want to be remembered by your community as someone who gave to organizations and companies in need. No matter what plans you have in mind, an experienced, compassionate Estate Planning Attorney can ensure they are officially put in place.

At The Siegel Law Group, our attorneys are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in all types of Estate and Legacy Plans. We will address your questions and concerns and help you develop a personalized Estate Plan tailored directly to you and your loved ones. Call our office at 561-576-6206 for a complimentary consultation or submit our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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