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Our VA-accredited attorneys represent veterans, the surviving spouses of veterans, and their families.

At the Siegel Law Group, we utilize a variety of strategies to ensure you qualify for hard-earned benefits and eligibility for medicaid benefits down the road, should you need them.

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Veteran's Benefits Planning in Boca Raton

If you served in the armed forces, you may qualify for a veteran benefit or pension called aid and attendance. Even if you didn’t retire directly from the military or suffer injuries in the line of duty, you could be entitled to benefits. Yet, application denials are common, and understanding the requirements can be challenging.

You may also qualify for benefits based on a service-related disability. Often, Veterans don’t get the maximum benefit related to their disability or claims are wrongly denied. An accredited VA attorney can ensure you get the full benefit you deserve.

If long term care is your concern, our legal team will work with your specific needs and create a plan that can qualify you for both veteran’s and medicaid benefits.

Our VA-accredited attorneys will attend to your immediate needs while keeping your long-term financial and health-related issues in mind. Don’t go another day without your hard-earned benefits.

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What Benefits am I entitled to as a Veteran?

The VA provides several benefits to seniors facing long-term care, including financial assistance for medications and medical services. 

You may also qualify for an improved veteran affairs war time pension, also known as aid and attendance pension. 

The aid & attendance pension can help pay out-of-pocket expenses related to assistance at home or in an assisted living facility. These benefits can even be used to pay for care in addition to medicaid benefits!

There are asset, income, and medical need requirements to qualify for VA aid & attendance benefits. Unfortunately, these income limits and asset caps make qualifying for veteran aid and attendance benefits seem impossible for many. 

While you may believe your savings or income puts much-needed benefits out of your reach, legal methods are available to protect your assets and get you eligible for the help you need.

Veteran's Administration Benefits

The Veterans Administration has several benefits available depending on your age, the time you served, and if you have a service-connected disability. There are also often state and local benefits offered for veterans.

Compensation benefits

Benefits for service-connected disabilities are paid for disabilities resulting from disease or injury incurred during active duty. However, veterans who become disabled after being in service may also qualify, so long as the disability is considered related to the circumstances of their service. The higher the level of disability, the greater the monthly compensation.

Special monthly pension

The most overlooked benefit is the non-service-connected pension or special monthly pension (SMP) benefits, including a low-income pension, housebound benefits, and aid and attendant benefits. These are available to a veteran or a veteran’s widow or dependent child.

Local and private benefits

Other Veteran benefits may include burial benefits, preferential home loan or insurance rates, and rehabilitation assistance for things like education and training.

Veteran's Benefits Planning Attorneys in Florida | Call 561-955-8515

Veterans Benefits applications are frequently denied.

Applications can be complex, and your claim may not contain all the proper paperwork. There are also multiple programs, each with different requirements to qualify. Some, like aid and attendance, don’t require a service-related disability to qualify.

When applying for compensation (disability) benefits, applicants are often denied because your disability might not initially be considered severe enough to warrant benefits, or they award you for a lower amount than they believe your disability warrants.

Regardless of the denial, it’s essential to contact us so we can get you the benefits you deserve.

Veteran's Benefits Planning Attorneys in Florida | Call 561-955-8515

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At the Siegel Law Group, we help families, seniors, and their loved ones establish an estate plan that suits their unique needs.

Benefits of Using a VA Accredited Elder Law Attorney

Accredited guidance

Only attorneys accredited by the VA are legally allowed to assist you with applying for benefits.

Additional value

Using an elder law attorney who is VA accredited can help you qualify for both veterans and medicaid benefits.

Peace of mind

We’ll navigate the complicated application process for you, giving you peace of mind knowing it’s done right the first time.

Get protected

Our legal team will help you protect your assets and still maintain eligibility for the benefits you deserve.

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