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Aaron Humphrey, Esq.


Attorney Aaron Humphrey has been engaged in the legal services industry for over twenty years, having previously served as a paralegal prior to attaining his doctorate degree in law. 

As an attorney for more than a decade, he has handled or actively assisted in a wide array of cases in both state and federal courts, administrative investigations and hearings, and other legal issues involving numerous areas of law, from workers’ compensation, employment discrimination, sexual harassment and civil rights violations; business formation, real estate transactions, residential and commercial lien foreclosures, and residential mortgage loan modifications; to aggravated assault and battery, domestic violence and stalking, including cyberstalking; as well as representing debtors filing for bankruptcy. 

His passion, however, and the focus of his practice is Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate and Guardianship.

Aaron Humphrey, Esq. | Estate Planning Attorney | Boca Raton, FL

How Did He Become An Estate Planning Attorney?

Attorney Humphrey first became interested in law during college where, after a rigorous and lengthy interview and screening process, he was appointed by the university’s Dean of Students as a Justice   of   the   Student   Judicial   Board,   serving   on   a   peer   panel   of   Justices   hearing   matters   of   fellow students’ alleged violations of the university’s Student Code of Conduct.  His genuine dedication to this essential role at the university was readily apparent, and he was ultimately promoted to the position of Chief   Justice   of   the   Student   Judicial   Board,   presiding   at   more   than   one   hundred   twenty   infraction hearings   during   this   time.     His   devotion   to   excellence   while   serving   on   the   Student   Judicial   Board eventually resulted in him being appointed as the university’s Student Liaison to the Florida Board of Governors, the administrative board that oversees the operation and management of the State of Florida’s public university education system.  When he was subsequently accepted to law school, he excelled in his various studies of wills, trusts and estates.  Consequently, he was presented the invaluable opportunity to clerk for an established estate planning and probate attorney.   During his mentorship, his natural talent and skills in this particular area of law flourished, and he has remained passionate about and committed to Estate   Planning   and   Probate   ever   since,   thereafter   expanding   his   practice   to   also   include   Trust Administration and Guardianship.   

Attorney Humphrey possesses considerable legal knowledge and experience, along with a sincere work ethic and meticulous attention to detail.   He conducts himself professionally with compassion, sensitivity and candor when counseling and representing clients.   All of these commendable qualities make him an indispensable addition to our legal team at The Siegel Law Group, P.A.

A Man Beyond Estate Planning Law

Outside of his legal vocation, Attorney Humphrey is married; and he and his devoted spouse, a highly skilled bankruptcy paralegal with more than fifteen years’ experience who serves at an established Fort Lauderdale law firm, are practically inseparable from one another.   They love spending time with their “fur baby,” an absolutely adorable, cuddly and quite talkative pet cat, KitKat.  They enjoy hosting backyard barbeques, pool parties and dinner parties at their home, or spending the day picnicking and swimming at the beach with their friends.  They also enjoy traveling together to visit their family, going camping, and going to theme parks, especially ones with rollercoasters.   Attorney Humphrey likewise enjoys white-water rafting and sky diving.  He is also an avid reader with an extensive personal library, as well as being an accomplished pianist with a love for all genres of music but especially ragtime and jazz. He   is   very   involved   in   his   church’s   music   department,   singing   bass   or   bass-baritone   in   the   choir, performing vocal solos, performing in the hand bells ensemble, and playing the piano during Sunday morning service, as well as at occasional weddings and other special events for fellow church members.

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