Alex Trebek Is Defining His Legacy: How An Estate Plan Defines Your Legacy

Alex Trebek Is Defining His Legacy: How An Estate Plan Defines Your Legacy | Florida Estate and Elder Law Attorney Barry D. Siegel at The Siegel Law Group, P.A

Alex Trebek, the famous host of TV game show Jeopardy!, recently announced that he will suspend further pancreatic cancer treatment if this round is unsuccessful. Trebek’s new memoir, The Answer Is … Reflections on My Life was released on Tuesday. By writing the book, Trebek says he is able to define his own legacy. Part of his legacy is that all money he receives for the book will be donated to charity.

How An Estate Plan Defines Your Legacy

It isn’t necessary to write a book to define your legacy. Creating an Estate Plan defines your legacy by making important end-of-life decisions and communicating your final wishes:

• Advanced directives such as a Living Wills, Health Care Surrogate Designations and Durable Powers of Attorney protect you if you become incapacitated and are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

Durable Power of Attorney allows you to name someone you trust to make decisions for you related to your finances, your business and your legal issues.

Power of Attorney for Health Care or Medical Power of Attorney allows you to name someone you trust to oversee your care and make medical decisions for you if you become unable.

• A Will or Trust provides for your beneficiaries and distributes your assets to your heirs.

Communicate Your Estate Plan To Your Family
An Estate Plan defines your legacy and communicates your final wishes to your loved ones. Part of the process should be to communicate your Estate Plan to your family while creating it or after it is made to let your loved ones know your wishes while you’re still healthy. You can share with them all the details of your Estate Plan or simply that you have created one who your attorney is and where it is stored – that decision is up to you. A family meeting is an ideal way to explain your wishes to your loved ones and minimize their stress after you are gone so they can follow your wishes. If you like, you may request that your Estate Planning Attorney help you to communicate your wishes and plans to your family.

Your Estate Planning Attorney should first educate you and then help you and your loved ones understand how to navigate the difficult decisions that must be made. It’s important that the attorney you choose does not make these matters more difficult for you and helps you create a complete plan you’re comfortable with and have confidence in.

Trusted and Compassionate Estate Planning

Protect your legacy and provide your family peace of mind and protection by executing an Estate Plan. With over 20 years of estate planning experience, South Florida Attorney Barry D. Siegel at The Siegel Law Group, P.A. knows firsthand what can happen if you are unprepared for life’s greatest challenges. A knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyer can help ensure that you make well-informed decisions about your Will or Trust.

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