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Is it Ok to Use a DIY Will Service in Florida?

Is it Ok to Use a DIY Will Service in Florida | Boca Raton Florida Estate Planning Attorney | Call (561) 955-8515

During the stress and downtime of Covid-19, many South Florida residents turned to DIY online Wills to protect their families. A do-it-yourself Will seem like a quick and easy way to make sure your loved ones are taken care of after you’re gone. But all too often, a DIY Will can lead to costly mistakes that jeopardize the future security of your loved ones.

Some things that can easily go wrong with DIY Wills are:

  • Expensive mistakes and errors
  • They do not take into account state laws
  • They fail to consider estate taxes
  • They are vulnerable to misinterpretation
  • They tend to overlook key areas that an estate planning attorney would advise you on

A Florida resident can write their own Will or use a DIY online Will service. However, they still need to follow all of the Will requirements under Florida law. We highly advise that you work with an experienced South Florida Wills and Trusts Attorney instead of trying to figure it out on your own.

Why You Need a Wills and Trusts Attorney’s Help

If you improperly write your Will, it might be incomplete, inaccurate or include information that contradicts itself. Filling out a Will online may give you the basic outline, but what if you forget something essential or mistakenly check a box that leads you to fill out everything wrong?

Florida requires a Will to meet specific criteria in order to be legally enforceable. It must be a printed document (it cannot be handwritten) and properly executed. If even one step is incorrect, the Will can be judged invalid, and your final wishes will not be followed. Instead, the court will decide how to distribute your assets.

In addition to writing the Will, a Wills and Trusts Attorney can help you:

  • Name a representative
    This person must be someone you trust since they will be working with all aspects of your estate and is someone you trust to carry out the provisions of your Will. It is also wise to have a backup representative if something happens to your first person of choice. This person must either be related to you by blood or a Florida resident and not be a convicted felon.
  • Appoint a guardian for your children
    You need to choose a person to raise and protect your minor children if you and their other parent pass away. It is imperative to have every aspect of this done correctly so the children can live with the person you feel is best for them.
  • Take changes into account
    If you have named your beneficiaries and something happens, perhaps one person dies, or another child is born, you need an attorney who can make the necessary changes legally. It may not be binding if you change a DIY Will.

While some aspects of writing a Will are straightforward, estate planning is not that simple. There are too many legal aspects to follow, which should not be left to chance. In some cases, having an invalid Will might even be than having no Will at all.  Working with an experienced South Florida Will Attorney will give you the Peace of Mind that your assets will safely be distributed to your loved ones.

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