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Power of Attorney in Boca Raton

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Durable Power of Attorney

If you became unable to make important decisions about your finances, business, and legal matters, would you trust the court to appoint someone to make the decisions for you?

The durable power of attorney (DPOA) allows you to appoint someone to handle these important matters in the case that you are incapable of doing so. This person is then called your “agent” or your “attorney-in-fact.”

Giving someone complete control of your financial decisions is a major decision. At The Siegel Law Group, we can help you determine if and when this is right for you. 

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At the Siegel Law Group, we help families, seniors, and their loved ones establish an estate plan that suits their unique needs.

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Who can act as Power of Attorney in Florida?

A power of attorney authorizes another individual to make decisions on your behalf. This person can make healthcare decisions for you or make legal decisions if you’re deemed incapacitated. These decisions can sometimes include major business decisions or life and death situations in a hospital.

The person you choose must be someone you can trust and that you’re sure will always make the decision that’s best for you alone.  Anyone in your family or in your life generally can be given the power of attorney. 

Potential selections can include:

The person being assigned these powers must have your best interest at heart because none of these decisions can be made lightly. Your attorney can help guide you in making this decision and help talk with your family about these decisions so you don’t have to do it alone.

The Siegel Law Group can ensure that the power of attorney document is legally sound and that your wishes are carefully outlined in the document.

Barry D. Siegel | Founder of Siegel Law Group | Boca Raton, FL

We ensure you are prepared for the road ahead

Elder law attorney Barry D. Siegel watched a family member suffer because she was unaware of the tools available for long-term care planning. Today, he strives to ensure each of his clients is financially prepared for the road ahead.

A power of attorney for health care, or medical power of attorney, allows you to name someone you trust to oversee your care and make medical decisions for you if you become unable.

To learn more about a medical power of attorney, visit our health care planning page.

Let our experienced team help

A durable power of attorney is an important part of the estate planning process, but it is only one piece. Though it assigns someone to take care of your financial, business, and legal affairs if at any time you become incapacitated, it does not apply after your death. 

Make sure your estate is taken care of no matter what happens.

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