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The Siegel Law Group Founder Releases New Book on Elder Care

The Siegel Law Group Founder Releases New Book on Elder Care in Florida

BOCA RATON, Florida—Barry Siegel, Elder Law Attorney and Founder of The Siegel Law Group, proudly announces the release of his new book, Caught in the Middle: Juggling Your Elderly Parents’ Affairs While Raising Your Own Family. Siegel, who has 25 years of experience in Elder Law and Estate Planning, helps families navigate the complexities of Medicaid planning, Estate Planning, Guardianship and other issues that often accompany caring for elderly parents.

His book offers a comprehensive exploration of the challenges adult children face as they confront the increasingly difficult task of caring for two generations simultaneously. In Caught in the Middle, Siegel guides readers through crucial topics such as legal options, financial strategies, family dynamics, and insight into managing stress while balancing both sets of obligations.

For Siegel, his career and his book derive from personal tragedy. His grandmother, Betty, did not have long-term care insurance. When she became sick, she had to spend down her assets until she had nothing left. Her situation had a profound effect on Siegel, catalyzing his mission to help other people avoid these types of hardships.

“I believe people should be able to age with dignity,” he says. “As they grow older, their needs must be met, they should feel like a joy—not a burden—to their families, and they should be able to leave a proud legacy behind. I wrote this book to help the children of aging parents manage the responsibilities of raising their children and caring well for their elderly parents. Millions of people are caught in the ‘Sandwich Generation’, which can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. My book guides them through vital issues like how to communicate with your parents about their needs, how to find and pay for elder care, how to protect your parents’ assets, and how to plan for your own future. It’s available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.”

For more information, visit https://siegellawgroup.com/.

About The Siegel Law Group, P.A.

The Siegel Law Group founder Barry Siegel‘s grandmother Betty did not have long term care insurance. When she became sick, she had to spend down her assets. She eventually had nothing left. That experience had a profound effect on him—catalyzing his mission to help others avoid those kinds of hardships.

Barry believes people should be able to age with dignity. They should have their needs met as they get older. They should feel like a joy and not a burden to their families. And they should be able to leave a proud legacy behind.

Barry and The Siegel Law Group team are dedicated to providing compassionate counsel and effective legal representation in the areas of Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate and Trust Administration, Business Planning and much more.

We serve families, seniors, and their loved ones in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida.

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