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This Valentine’s Day, Gift Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind 

This Valentine’s Day, Gift Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind | Schedule A Free Consultation in Florida

Flowers, candy, and champagne are wonderful gifts, but you can’t put a price on Peace of Mind. Valentine’s Day is a day to express love, caring and affection to those we hold dear. What better way to demonstrate your undying love than with Estate Planning – gift your loved ones Peace Of Mind when you are no longer with them? Plans you make now can make everything easier for your family when that day comes.

While the topic of death or illness is not pleasant to think or talk about, especially on a day filled with roses, chocolates and romance, Estate Planning is necessary. It ensures that your children and grandchildren will be taken care of when you are not there to do the caretaking. This process doesn’t have to be difficult, and The Siegel Law Group, P.A., can help you every step of the way. Unlike roses and chocolate, Estate Planning is your legacy: a gift that will live on after you are gone. It is a demonstrative way to show how much you care. Gift your loved ones Peace Of Mind – Estate Planning – a gift that won’t die with you.

All About Estate Planning

An Estate Plan is a legal document describing how you would like your assets handled upon your death and how you want your loved ones to handle financial and health decisions if illness or an accident leaves you unable to communicate your healthcare and financial wishes.

Estate Planning does not only explain who gets your possessions when you are gone; it also works to protect your loved ones if you become disabled and cannot manage your legal affairs. A good Estate Plan will keep your estate out of probate and protect the inheritance of your loved ones and your descendants.

The Siegel Law Group’s South Florida Estate Planning Attorneys will help to design a personalized Estate Plan customized to meet your specific financial goals, while protecting your loved ones and their future.

Many parts contribute to an effective Estate Plan. An Estate Planning Attorney will provide legal guidance for your Will, and they will also help you understand and design your Healthcare Advance Directive, Surrogate Healthcare Designations, Revocable Living Trusts, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney. Estate Planning Attorneys may also assist with Special Needs Planning and HIPAA Authorizations and Releases and Medicare Planning if they are needed.

An Estate Plan will provide your loved ones with answers to important questions if you should die or cannot communicate your needs and desires. All Estate Plans are unique and distinct, but there are a few key questions that an Estate Plan needs to answer. They include:

  • Who will be the guardian of your minor children?
  • Who will receive your house and property?
  • What happens to your pets?
  • Who makes medical decisions for you if you cannot communicate your needs and wishes?

What Is Included In An Estate Plan?

Most people think of Wills when they think of Estate Planning, but as noted above, many other considerations must be addressed. Other considerations may include the setting up of Trust Accounts for beneficiaries; establishing guardians for minors; assigning an executor to your Estate; setting up or updating beneficiaries for life insurance policies, IRAs, and retirement plans; planning funeral arrangements; establishing charitable donations to offset taxes and setting up Power of Attorney.

Estate Planning will help keep your hard-earned assets in your family after death. Assets can easily be taken away from heirs if legal protections are not in place. Barry D. Siegel, an experienced South Florida Estate Planning Attorney, with nearly 20 years of generational wealth management experience, wants to ensure your holdings stay with your family.

Gift Peace Of Mind
Call THE South Florida Estate Planning Attorney – Barry Siegel, to Discuss Your Estate Planning Needs

A good Estate Plan’s benefits go beyond a well-written Will to distribute your assets; it is a document that can protect your interests and your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance. You must work with an Estate Planning Attorney who is knowledgeable about the laws in your state and can help you understand your options and advise if laws change. Attorney Barry D. Siegel, THE South Florida Estate Planning Lawyer, and the team of dedicated attorneys at The Siegel Law Group, P.A., have almost 40 years of combined Estate Planning and Elder Law experience. The Siegel Law Group provides clients with complimentary reviews of their Estate Plan every three years and will inform you of changes in the law that may affect your plan.

The Siegel Law Group is ready to help you prepare for the future. Don’t wait. This Valentine’s Day, gift your loved ones Peace Of Mind and safeguard your assets and your loved ones’ future. Prepare. Plan your legacy. Protect your loved ones. Gift them Peace Of Mind.

Call our office at 561-576-6206 to schedule a complimentary consultation, or submit our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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